Should you be the boss in your own business?

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Should you be the boss in your own business? Or working as the genius within someone else’s business, letting them handle the worry of the business management while you get on with what you are best at?

Many people dream of owning their own business. They are incredibly skilled or gifted in some area and feel they should reap the rewards of being their own boss, have the world beat a path to their door, rather than someone else getting rich from their efforts. However, not everyone is an entrepreneur. Not everyone can be the boss in your own business. Try this quiz to find out whether you could or should be! For each question, check the answer that describes what you feel or comes closest to it. Be honest with yourself. This is a measure of your personality, only as it relates to small business.

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Where are most of your answers? That’s the telling point, although not the final answer. However, it gives you a good indication of whether you could run and be the boss in your own business and perhaps how to style your management team.

Remember, no person can be and run the whole business! Every successful business has a dedicated team of people with specific skills strategically placed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Some businesses don’t have a single boss; they have a board of directors to manage them. Others have an entrepreneurial person who begins them and provides direction and long-term vision, and a general manager to run the business on a day-to-day basis. Other well established businesses have a small management team under a general manager, who could also be the owner. There are family businesses, where different family members assume and are trained for different roles. There are no hard and fast rules, because every person and business is different. Take a look at the analysis of your answers and see where you might feel most comfortable and reap the greatest reward.

(1) Check marks mostly on the (a) answer suggest good potential for solo or partnership business success.

Answers in this section suggest a fair amount of entrepreneurial drive. Despite what you think, sometimes you don’t get along with people and insist on your own way. That’s OK too, but don’t confuse people agreeing with you, with getting along with them – your drive and enthusiasm may be too much for them to argue against and that is why they agree! Beware the “yes-man!”  Being boss in your own business also means you are solely responsible, and have to decide if someone agreeing with you is trying to curry favour or is really supporting you.

You may have a vision, a long-term goal and/or a deep-seated restlessness with your current position. You may have always wanted to be the boss, run the business or to do things your own way. You have the energy and enthusiasm to start something and follow through. You may already have tried to start a business, tried Network Marketing or some other such venture. You are very likely a business owner mindset.

The best type of person to work with you as a manager or assistant is a (b) person, an interest in management and business operation, but perhaps not the outwardly entrepreneurial type, like you, who needs to see and feel that they are the one in charge and providing the vision and direction.

(2) Check marks mostly on the (b) answer suggest that a partner would be valuable for you.

While the (a) person above is the Entrepreneurial type, you are likely to be a better team member, general manager and working with assistance in areas outside your strengths. You are more comfortable with a little more routine and systematization in your life. You like to collaborate more and get opinions before you make the decisions, but you can certainly make great, solid decisions. Working with an entrepreneur, you are likely to anchor them and make the business successful.

Your desire to run the show is grounded by steady determination and careful planning. You know and understand people and find that people are happy to work with you. Getting things done through people is easy for you. You network and have a lot of people you can call on for answers. You have a solid track record of achievement already.  You can be the boss in your own business but working with a partner and a dedicated team will greatly benefit your management style and your success.

(3) Check marks mostly on the (c) answer suggest that you could be better working inside the business.

Management of a small business may not be your best vehicle for financial success and satisfaction. Having a business partner or manager would be the best way for you to be in business. You need a very good team around you. It’s likely that you have a specific skill set, a unique talent and you want to be recognised for it, as you should. However, because you have a talent in one area, doesn’t mean you also enjoy or are good at, or comfortable with things such as collecting money from late paying customers, doing the monthly financials and so on. You might prefer to be working on what you are really good at, and being recognised for it, rather than being the boss in your own business and having all the responsibility.

If you are not happy working for a business and having the business profit from your talents, or you feel you are not being properly rewarded for your talents, you may wish to consider being a consultant and having an agent arrange work and clients for you, taking a commission for their efforts. If that model doesn’t suit, perhaps operating your own autonomous division within a business would work for you. You would need to demonstrate to the management that it would also work well and profitably for them, and you may also need to discuss intellectual property ownership with them too. However, these are areas for you to consider when looking at your options.

Use this quiz as a guide to where you may need to address areas of weakness in your SWOT analysis.

Now, go back to the website and explore the Business – Key to Wealth section. Perhaps you have a business idea you want to work with. Perhaps you are looking for one. You may even have an established business you want to inject life into and extract profits from. Whatever your results in this quiz, Life Change 90 can help you set up and create a new Life Change and profit change for yourself in your own business, with the Life Change 90 Business Profits Program!


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