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#Residual Income

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“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”  ~ J. Paul Getty, American Industrialist

Are you working for money? Or is it working for you?

Too many people are relying on a wage for an income, their sole source of income.  However, earning a #residual income from multiple streams of income is perhaps the most secure way for a family to ensure financial survival, in a world that technology is changing faster than the ability of the wage earner to re-skill for!

Whilst we become proficient, even experts and specialists in our chosen career, trade or profession, technology is moving the boundaries and many good, hard-working people have found their careers have been superseded almost overnight, leaving them not only out of work, but with no career path!

By 2017 in Australia, there will be no more auto manufacturing in Australia.  Thousands of auto factory workers, production line assemblers, and many thousands more spare parts manufacturer’s employees will need both a new job, but also a new industry to work in!  The car industry will have gone!

#Residual Income

No more jobs!
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If you knew that your career would be over in three years, but your mortgage was scheduled to last another fifteen, what would you do?

Multiple streams of income is the answer.

Residual Income is your safety net!

Earning a residual income from another source, away from your main business or salary provides you with a guarantee of cashflow, regardless of what your primary income does or does not do for you.  If you need to change careers or jobs, your reserve residual income is there, filling the cashflow gaps while you adjust.

Where can you get a residual income?

Typical sources of residual income are:

  1. Investments, but you need to have money to invest
  2. Property, but you need to have investment or borrowing capacity to buy property
  3. Leasing out property or equipment you own, but the initial capital cost is huge
  4. A second job – doesn’t really qualify, as you are still hands-on in it
  5. Shares with dividends – an investment you need to have money for initially

These are all OK, but you need a lot of money to begin with.  And secondly, the return on investment (ROI) is usually quite small.  Property – around 5% pa is a great net return.  Shares around 15% in a good year.  Term deposits – anywhere from 1% to 7%.  You would need a million dollars to make $50,000 pa on a 5% ROI.  Residual income yes, but a HUGE capital investment to make it.

However, if you started a small internet business and invested $100 to start it up, running it from home, and earned just $10,000 pa, that is a return of 100 times your initial investment!  Not 5%, but 100 times over!

The reality is that many internet millionaires have done exactly this, but not just made $10,000 pa: they make that much a month, or more!  Many of the most recent millionaires of the last decade have made their fortunes from the internet, and have residual income that they cannot possibly spend in this lifetime!

What exactly is a residual income?

A residual income is an income that doesn’t stop, no matter what you are doing, or where you are.  you might have heard of ‘making money while you sleep’ – well, that is a residual income!

The investments above will provide you with a residual income, but you need the million dollars to start with.  What if you are a student, with very little cashflow.  Or a stay-at-home Mum, or even a working Mum?  Time AND cash poor.  What if you already have a job that takes most of your working day and only gives you a little while each evening free?

#Residual Income

Work at home with the family? Sure thing!
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Internet-based businesses can provide powerful income streams with residual income, multiplying as time goes and your network increases.  Some of them are self-perpetuating, in other words, you set them up and they take on a life of their own, multiplying whether or not you are full-time in them.  They gain a momentum that builds you a residual income cashflow that can soon overtake and then replace your main income from salary or wages!

Such an internet business is using your own database or website, or even the description area of a YouTube video, to sell other digital products as an affiliate.  For each item sold, when a viewer clicks on your link and goes through to the website and purchases that product or service, you are paid a fee.  Once you put the links in place, or send the email to your database, your work is done.  The affiliate program is almost always automated and pays you automatically either by check or directly into your bank account, when the sale is made!

Consider this as a business and imagine this suite of tools working for you, day and night, all around the planet, working for you no matter what you are doing or where you are.  People can be logging into your website or reading your emails to do business with you in Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Calgary, London and New York, all at the same time!  And where will you be?  That doesn’t matter!

Life Change 90 and the Business Profits Program are available to be sold by affiliates.  All you have to do is claim contact us to start your own residual income business!

CONTACT LIFE CHANGE 90 to set up as an affiliate today!

The Life Change 90 Mentors will be here to help you set up your internet business if you need more than the vast amount of training provided on site.  Contact us anytime you need support, and work with us for your success!

The beauty of this situation is that the Life Change 90 Program can provide you with all the personal empowerment you need for your life, the challenges you face and the goals you set.  The residual income opportunity here can provide you with all the financial empowerment you need, and more!

When people click on your link they will be clicking on one of these pages, to give you money when they buy:

Life Change 90

Business Profits Program

Then let us know how you feel about it, on your way to earning residual income!

What if this opportunity is not for me?

Business Opportunities need to be tailored to suit the person.  If this is not the best suited opportunity for you, then perhaps it’s time to explore what really IS your most suitable path to residual income.

Click this link to the BUSINESS PROFITS PROGRAM to download your copy now. 

The Business Profits Program will enable you to create and design a business to specifically suit YOU, addressing your needs and desires, and working with the capital, resources and skills you already have, to enable you to design your life through your new business.  CLICK HERE NOW!

See you at the top!

Your Life Change 90 Mentors

“Success in this industry is not in finding the right person, but in becoming the right person.”  ~ Dr. Forrest Shaklee, Founder of Shaklee


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