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If you are at a point in your life where you believe that better #fitness for life could assist you to achieve your goals, your solution is here!  You can have fitness for life, sooner than you think – it’s just a matter of preparing for it!

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn

The first wealth is health. Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is Fitness for Life?

Fitness for Life will be different specifically for every person, but a simple generalization applies to all.  It is fitness for the life you choose to lead, whatever that is!  #Fitness for life

A working mum, with young children in school, a husband, a demanding job that she has to travel to each day, collect the children after school, come home, cooking, cleaning and housekeeping and sharing the family responsibilities with her husband, who then has to be a happy person and an inspiration to her family as a mother, wife, lover, and still have enough energy left on weekends to take the children to sport or on a picnic, enjoy the barbecue with friends and on one of the days each week at least, do all the washing and ironing.  Sure, her husband will help where he can but we all know that not every husband is as much assistance as he thinks he is!  This lady has to have an incredible level of Fitness for Life, in many areas of life – physical, mental and emotional fitness for the demanding life she leads!

Consider a marathon runner, training for the next Boston marathon, or the Hawaii Iron Man.  A gruelling training schedule starting probably before dawn each day, eating specific foods chosen for their energy release characteristics, punishing their body and pushing through the pain barrier, feeling the muscles burning as they do, hearing their mind screaming at them in pain and anger at the punishment, til the breakthrough when a transcendental state is achieved in the program, only to be wrenched agonizingly from it at the end of the training session for the muscles to recover and heal into their new formations.  A very different level and type of Fitness for Life.

#Fitness for life

Fitness for Life as a police officer

A police officer, patrolling dangerous streets, whose life alternates between periods of tedium and moments of terror, who at any moment may face a gun wielding lunatic or be running down a fleeing suspect, but who is also a parent, lover, husband or wife, going home to a loving family.  Again, a very different type of Fitness for Life.

What level of Fitness for Life do you require for YOUR life?  What level of physical fitness do you require?  Are you on your feet all day, physically hard at work?  Or is your fitness level dependent more on your ability to maintain calm under pressure, managing highly stressed situations?  Is yours an emotionally taxing life, where you are constantly dealing with the emotions of other people and their misfortunes?  After work, do you come home to a household of children and family demands where you are busy but safe and cocooned in a loving environment?  Or do you come home to an empty house with only yourself for company?

Whatever your life situation is and whatever Fitness for Life level your life demands, you need to have the required level of Fitness for Life, or become a casualty of your own life.

What is the reward for having great Fitness for Life?  #Fitness for life

Enjoying a great life!  Being able to take whatever life dishes out to you, and have plenty left ‘in the tank’ to play and enjoy life regardless of its demands on you.  Whether that is night clubbing in the evening, sport on the weekends, romancing that special someone, unless you are fit for your life, it can’t happen.

Fitness for Life can only be achieved through being aware of what your life demands, preparing specifically for it, building in the flexibility to change and evolve as the demands of your life change, and as your goals change your life demands.

The best way to achieve the Fitness for Life results YOU want is through a structured program that systematically:

  • creates awareness of your issues and limitations  #Fitness for life
  • teaches you how to correct or improve them
  • eliminates limiting fears, phobias and beliefs
  • teaches you to set appropriate goals in all areas of your life and then how to achieve them
  • consolidates your new awareness and better habits into unconscious success behaviours
  • ensures your financial situation supports your new goals
  • and gives you the tools to maintain the success you achieve for life.

Life Change 90 is such a program.  It is a powerful, 90 day program with minutes of morning and evening activities that firstly set up your day with awareness of and habits for success, then reviews and consolidates your successes each evening.

Over three months you achieve heightened awareness of any issues and limitations facing you and standing in your way of achieving your goals.  You learn strategies, solutions and antidotes to those issues, and replace them with habits of success that become part of your subconscious programming.  This programming automatically sets you up for success.  Being embedded subconsciously as success habits gives you a lifelong program of continued consolidation of your successes.

For more information in the value of systems in changing your life around, this blog post could help.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your currency, it could be as little as the cost of a coffee a week and it is probable that within a fortnight, your new habits will have saved you more than the total cost of the 90 day program and that money will be in your bank account or wallet!

To learn more about Life Change 90 and how to integrate this program into your life, click the logo below.

To enrol in this program, click here now!


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