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This page is dedicated to answering those Frequently Asked Questions FAQ,  you didn’t think to ask or look for in the general website, but you need to know anyway.

What else do you need to know?  What frequently asked questions #FAQ SHOULD you ask?

Question:  Why do I need a program, to assist me with empowerment, personal growth and development?  Surely I can do it myself?

Answer:  Yes, you can do a lot of it yourself.  However, the problems with working alone on yourself include lack of objectivity, discipline and structure.  With a structured program, you put the elements in place, lock them in and go about your day.  It’s done for you.  Without a structured program, it’s up to you personally to manage everything about your development, from what to work on, how to implement it and establishing the practices as ongoing habits for life.  All of which are handled for you by Life Change 90.

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Question:  Why do I need personal growth and development?  My life is going along OK and we all know that everything in life changes at some time.  Isn’t that normal?

Answer: When change happens traumatically, uncontrolled or unmanaged, the results are not only unpredictable, they can be disastrous.  When the change occurs in a structured and disciplined manner, the outcomes are not only predictable, they can be fine tuned along the way to provide a very precise and specific outcome.  This is called true goalsetting – where you order a specific outcome, from a precise and scheduled series of pre-planned activities, leading to a pre-ordained outcome – your goals.  Your chosen personal growth path is a bit the same.  When you don’t make a personal choice to change, you take what life throws at you, usually someone else’s choice for you.  When you put a structured, disciplined program such as Life Change 90 into your personal growth, you choose what you get from life.

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Question:  Why this program, when there is so much material out there to choose from?

Answer: Over two decades of research and development and success went into creating, testing and proving the unique elements of Life Change 90, that make it the powerful program it is.  For example, the Mood Chart and the Activities Program that record your month of activities and emotional states at a glance are the creation of the authors – they don’t exist anywhere else!  These alone are perhaps the most powerful self-development tool available anywhere, and they form just a part of this program.  There is much more.

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Question:  Why does it have to take 90 days to make the changes?  Can’t we just set them in place and leave it at that?

Answer:  In an ideal world, we would do that.  However, your world has so many distractions, and in all the years you have been alive, those distractions have put you in the situation you are in now.  Just making a change and expecting it to stick is unlikely to be successful, because your life will go on and the changes are likely to get in the way.  Gently steering your life to a new direction over a reasonable period of time will make the changes easier for you and less threatening to others.  It’s scary for your family to think that tomorrow, you might be totally different.  They need time to adjust and grow with you.  The systems in your life need to grow with you, and you need to learn how to accept the changes and successes they bring in a timely manner.  3 months is an ideal time for moderate change to occur, and set the momentum up for whatever changes you want to make from then on.

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Question:  People can change in an instant, such as after an accident or an illness – they come out of it and they are changed.  How can that happen?

Answer:  The human mind can change in an instant, however, the rest of the world cannot keep up with it, nor can the body that houses the mind, in some instances.  Rapid change such as you ask about can be traumatic, and while the Life Change 90 program does teach you how to permanently cure phobias (just for example) in the space of a few minutes, before that happens, we need to set up a safe space around you and a good mindset, to ensure there are no dramatic or traumatic issues from it.  That’s all part of your program and will happen along the way, during the 90 days.

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Question:  If this program is so great, why is it not more expensive?

Answer:  The intention of the authors is to enable as many people as possible access to the Life Change 90 program.  Money is a limiting factor with many people who need the change most, and sometimes, people desperately needing a Life Change experience are forced there by challenging financial circumstances.  While the results may be as effective or even more so than a program costing tens of thousands of dollars, that price restricts the access to the people who need it most!

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Question:  Can I repeat the program again, after my first 90 days?  Will it be more beneficial?

Answer:  Yes, you can repeat it and it is beneficial.  The first time through the Life Change 90 program, it puts a platform in place for lifelong change.  You cannot unlearn something which is correctly embedded into your mind, which is what Life Change 90 does.  However, as you achieve your goals, you will want to set more, and aim at new heights and directions in your life and relationships.  Continuing to use the Life Change 90 structure will empower you to more and faster results, while ever you use it.  Reinforcing the educational modules can only benefit with more and deeper wisdom, understanding of the material and experience in implementing it.



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