How to change habits

#How to change habits

Time for a change?
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If you expected more of your life than you have yet achieved and you believe bad habits have been your limiting issue, you are in the right place, right now.  Learning #how to change habits can be the key to changing your life!

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” ― Samuel Johnson

What are habits?

Habits are actions or processes, sometimes consciously developed, sometimes not, that when repeated, become automatic and often occur in response to the same type of stimulus each time.  Habits form quickly, but through repeated behaviours over time.  Behaviours that are rewarded are learned fast and become part of a learned behaviour system.  They become unconscious actions.  And sometimes, we outgrow them.  We need to know how to change habits when they no longer serve us.  #How to change habits

A great example of this that most people have experienced is taking a bus or driving your car home to the same place for a long time, but then changing addresses.  Daydreaming on the way home can sometimes find you in front of the place you moved out of because the habit of going home was so in-ground.  However, you have moved on, but the habit remains.  Fortunately, habits are easily changed, with the right knowledge and support.  This “driving to the old house habit” is easy to correct – it’s very conscious after this surprise, and you force yourself to do the right actions and behaviours.  For one thing, there is no reward for doing the old behaviour, and a huge reward for changing – you get to go home to your family!  This is the way most people learn how to change habits – circumstances force the change.

How to consciously change a habit

That principle is similar for changing all habits, whether bad or just outgrown.  However, what is important is creating the right environment around you so that the new habits are supported and the old and unwanted habits are not.  Anyone who has tried and failed to give up smoking or nail-biting will understand exactly what that means!  #How to change habits

The best way to learn how to change habits is through a structured program that systematically:

  • creates awareness of your issues and limitations and any habits you want or need to change
  • teaches you how to correct or improve them, and how to change other related habits when necessary
  • Eliminates limiting fears, phobias and beliefs
  • teaches you to set appropriate goals in all areas of your life, and then how to achieve them
  • consolidates your new awareness and better habits into unconscious success behaviours
  • ensures your financial situation supports your new goals
  • creates a supportive mental and emotional environment around you
  • and gives you the tools to maintain the successes you achieve for life.

Life Change 90 is such a program.  It is a powerful, 90 day program with a few minutes of morning and evening activities that firstly set up your day with awareness of and habits for success, then reviews and consolidates your successes each evening.  It teaches you how to change habits without you even thinking about it.

Over three months you achieve heightened awareness of any issues and limitations facing you and standing in your way of achieving your goals.  You will learn strategies, solutions and antidotes to those issues, and replace them with habits of success that will become part of your subconscious programming.  This programming automatically sets you up for success.  Being embedded subconsciously as success habits gives you a lifelong program of continued consolidation of your successes.

For more information in the value of systems in changing your life around, this blog post could help.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your currency, it could be as little as the cost of a coffee a week, and it is probable that within a fortnight, your new habits will have saved you more than the total cost of the 90 day program and that money will be in your bank account or wallet!

To learn more about Life Change 90 and how to integrate this program into your life, click the logo below.

To enrol in this program, click here now!



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