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If you are at a point in your life where you expected more of your goals achievement and goalsetting performance than you have yet achieved, you are in the right place, here on this screen, reading this page, learning #how to set goals, right now. 

Learning how to set goals can make the difference between an ordinary life and an amazing life!  Your solution is here! 

Knowing how to set goals, then achieve them, can change your life in ways you cannot yet know!

“Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives.”  Viktor Frankl

How to set goals has been written about over decades and frankly, much of it is rubbish.  However, most people won’t know the difference because everyone purports to be the expert.  The key is in learning enough initially, and learning how to ask the questions that weed out the would-be gurus from the real experts.

What is a goal?  #How to set goals

It’s important to make this distinction early, because it is a building block for this whole subject on how to set goals.  A goal is something you want to achieve, attain, do, have or otherwise control, but it has a few other distinguishing features that make it a goal, rather than a wish or a dream.  They are:

  • It is specific.  You know and can describe accurately what it is, what it can and will do for you, and when you have it, what it will mean to you.
  • It is measurable but more than that, you will actually have something of value when you have achieved it.  You can measure a cup of water, but it’s just water.  Your goal might be a cup of water, but it will have a role to play; it will have meaning and purpose.
  • It is within reach, definitely something that is possible for you to achieve, but beyond your fingertips at the moment until you put strategies and systems and support in place to enable you to take hold of it.  You need to become more, to achieve it.  The goal makes you a better person for having achieved it.
  • It is important to you.  It is a passion for you and has real meaning for you.  More than just hitting the target, when you hit your target, you will feel immense satisfaction and pride in doing so.  Without being told, other people will know you have achieved your goal.
  • You have a timeframe and a plan for achievement, either already set, or in progress.  This is not something in the never-never.  You are already putting steps in place and have set a deadline for it, with milestones and benchmarks in place for it.

Without all these factors, you only have a dream, or a wish list.  The dream may never progress beyond the list, the dream stage.  Most importantly, you still haven’t learnt how to set goals!

What else trips people up with how to set goals?  #How to set goals

One other aspect that gets in the way of most people achieving their goals is the cost factor of goal setting and achievement.  Every goal has a cost.  Whether your goal has a monetary cost or not, there will always be a time cost, a personal cost, a balancing act somewhere to fit this goal and the work required for it into your life.  Going to the gym for a fitness goal for example, is a simple goal.  However, it means you need to work some hours per week extra into your schedule, time taken away from your family and friends, relaxation time or study time.  The cost of the gym membership, the shoes, clothing, perhaps fares or fuel to and from the gym, and so on.  Every goal has a cost and it needs to be factored in.  Knowing how to set goals also means knowing how to cost goals and budget accordingly.

How to set goals from this point is the critical factor, taking all these issues into consideration.  Some people have an innate ability with it.  Most need a little support; some need a lot of support.  However, everyone needs a program that locks their goalsetting in place, in a way that works for them, and specifically them.

The best way to achieve this is through a structured program that systematically:

  • creates awareness of your issues and limitations
  • teaches you how to set goals to correct or improve them
  • Eliminates limiting fears, phobias and beliefs about what is possible
  • clarifies your goals and dreams, consolidating them into specific and achievable goals
  • teaches you to set appropriate goals in all areas of your life and then how to achieve them
  • consolidates your new awareness and better habits into unconscious success behaviours
  • ensures your financial situation supports your new goals
  • and gives you the tools to maintain the success you achieve for life.

Life Change 90 is such a program.  It is a powerful, 90 day program with minutes of morning and evening activities that firstly set up your day with awareness of and habits for success, then reviews and consolidates your successes each evening.

Over three months you achieve heightened awareness of any issues and limitations facing you and standing in your way of achieving your goals.  You learn strategies, solutions and antidotes to those issues, and replace them with habits of success that will become part of your subconscious programming.  This programming automatically sets you up for success.  Being embedded subconsciously as success habits gives you a lifelong program of continued consolidation of your successes.  You learn how to set goals correctly!

For more information in the value of systems in changing your life around, this blog post could help.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your currency, it could be as little as the cost of a coffee a week, and it is probable that within a fortnight, your new habits will have saved you more than the total cost of the 90 day program and that money will be in your bank account or wallet!

To learn more about Life Change 90 and how to integrate this program into your life, click the logo below.

To enrol in Life Change 90, click here now!


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