How to write affirmations

How to write affirmations

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If you wish to learn #how to write affirmations to assist you, you are in the right place, right now.  Your solution is here!

“Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.”  Tia Walker

Why learn how to write affirmations?

Affirmations without supporting actions are delusions, and only lead to disillusioned people who no longer use affirmations.  However, affirmations are powerful and valuable.  When used as part of a program for change, they are very effective.  Learning how to write affirmations can be a powerful skill to carry with you.  Knowing how to write affirmations makes it much easier to implement them, as your mind is already working on the affirmations wavelength.

How does an affirmation work?#How to write affirmations

It’s not an order form for the Gods to deliver something to you, as many believe.  After two days, folks who think this way give up and proclaim that “affirmations don’t work, I tried them!”

What affirmations really do is assist in (re)-programming your subconscious mind to attract what you desire and need to you.  On a simple level, if you walk around scowling and growling at everyone you meet, complaining about everything you touch, people are going to stay away.  If you are the other way inclined, smiling and complimentary, people will be attracted to you.  It’s pretty much how affirmations work too.

When you think and act and speak in a congruent manner, you attract more of that experience to you.  The affirmation is the power behind your thinking processes, and programs your subconscious mind to project your intentions out to the world, so that you can receive what you are attracting.

However, the key is congruency.  Your actions and language need to support your thinking, as much as your thinking supports and directs your language and actions.  This is where knowing how to write affirmations correctly makes such a difference.  It’s why it is so important to get them right, and learn to write great, powerful affirmations.  It’s more than just knowing how to write affirmations; it’s also knowing how to live your affirmations.  Learning how to write affirmations is the start to your understanding of them on a deeper level, and making them an integral part of your life.

How can I learn to write and live my affirmations?

The best way to achieve this is through a structured program that systematically:#How to write affirmations

  • creates awareness of your issues and limitations
  • teaches you how to correct or improve them
  • teaches you to write affirmations correctly and
  • creates an environment where affirmations are part of your life, thinking, speaking and behaviour
  • Eliminates limiting fears, phobias and beliefs
  • teaches you to set appropriate goals in all areas of your life and then how to achieve them
  • consolidates your new awareness and better habits into unconscious success behaviours
  • ensures your financial situation supports your new goals
  • and gives you the tools to maintain the success you achieve for life.

Life Change 90 is such a program.  It is a powerful, 90 day program with minutes of morning and evening activities that firstly set up your day with awareness of and habits for success, then reviews and consolidates your successes each evening.

Over three months you achieve heightened awareness of any issues and limitations facing you and standing in your way of achieving your goals.  You will learn strategies, solutions and antidotes to those issues, and replace them with habits of success that will become part of your subconscious programming.  Your daily affirmations help lock in your successes, and reprogram your mind to attract even more success to you.  This programming automatically sets you up for success, and being embedded subconsciously as success habits gives you a lifelong program of continued consolidation of your successes.

For more information in the value of systems in changing your life around, this blog post could help.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your currency, it could be as little as the cost of a coffee a week, and it is probable that within a fortnight, your new habits will have saved you more than the total cost of the 90 day program and that money will be in your bank account or wallet!

To learn more about Life Change 90 and how to integrate this program into your life, click the logo below.

To enrol in this program, click here now!


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