Intelligent Hiring

Intelligent Hiring

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Recruitment in the 21st century is evolving rapidly.

Costs of recruitment are high, but even higher are the costs of recruitments that fail! When your new employee, in whom you have invested heavily to recruit, train and carry through until they begin to perform, fails to meet expectations or leaves after a short time, another needs to be rehired and trained. This is the real cost of failed recruitments.

How does recruitment fail?

Regular recruitment for quite a long time has followed the same process, and a high proportion of failures have been accepted as the norm.

Regular Recruitment Strategy:

Intelligent Hiring

Regular Hiring Process

Whilst this 9 step strategy seems to cover all the bases, there is still much guesswork and gut feel about the process. We all know that a person desperate to get a job will often do whatever they can, or have to, to get their foot in the door.  When interviewing, you can’t always get it right!  Gut feel doesn’t always work, especially with people whom you may never have met before, in the very artificial environment of the interview room.

Intelligent Hiring adds a number of key elements that change everything. It takes the guesswork out of recruiting, without costing any more initially, and saving a small fortune in the long run from:

• More successful recruitment,
• Targeting specific characteristics in your new recruits
• Almost nil failure rate and
• Much greater productivity from those that are hired!


The Optimism Factor in Intelligent Hiring

Specific criteria to target in your new recruits could include one of the most powerful indicators of success, which is the Optimism factor. Optimistic people will always sell more, perform better, produce more, get along with other people better and bounce back from adversity faster and with even more enthusiasm, just because they believe they can!

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Henry Ford

The Intelligent Hiring system enables you to do this.

Intelligent Hiring – the differences are highlighted!

Intelligent Hiring

The Intelligent Hiring Process


These extra few steps have the powerful benefits of:

• Selecting based on specific, measurable criteria
• Setting a minimum benchmark standard for applicants, making initial shortlisting more efficient
• Takes the guesswork out of the hiring process
• Saves time by interviewing only those that meet or exceed the benchmark
• Guarantees that only the benchmarked standard AND ABOVE will be interviewed
• Recruits from only those candidates who can increase productivity and performance above what is currently your best performer in the role
• Minimises and almost eliminates failures from the recruitment process
• Guarantees the new recruits for three months
• Actual recruitment costs and outlays remain the same
• Ongoing costs are greatly reduced, while productivity and performance are greatly increased


Case Studies on Intelligent Hiring System Results

CASE STUDIES across many industries have proven that the Intelligent Hiring System not only saves money and time, it also greatly increases productivity and output from your new employees. Check the Case Studies below for more information on these results.

True Colours PEOPLE Solutions Metlife Case Study

True Colours PEOPLE Solutions Century 21 Case Study

True Colours PEOPLE Solutions IT Company Case Study


The Intelligent Hiring System costs no more than regular recruiting. The difference is in the outcome: better people hired, giving better performance and productivity, with an alignment with your culture and workplace that is tailored to suit.

Contact us today to begin the process in your business, as soon as possible.

We will profile the top performers in your business now, at no charge, so that when your recruitment needs arise, you will already know what you need and the process can begin immediately.

We will handle the initial profiling, work with you to develop the job description, create the advertisements based on the job descriptions, building in the required signature strengths, advertise for you and profile all applicants prior to shortlisting. We will work with you to interview and select the top applicants from the shortlist, and provide you with only the best to choose from, for your new recruit.

The people in the final shortlist will always be above the benchmark set for the role.

Once the decision has been made, we will integrate the new recruit into a working relationship with their immediate reporting manager or supervisor, to foster and build a great working relationship, even before they begin work. Once in place, the recruitment has a replacement guarantee for three months, in the unlikely event that the new recruit does not meet your expectations.

That is Intelligent Hiring!

Complementary Intelligent Hiring Profiling Package

To enable your company to get off to a fast start with Intelligent Hiring, we offer you a complementary package, including free profiling for two of your top performers, to set the benchmarks for future hiring.  Download the Profile Request Form here:

Profile Request Form

When completed, instructions are on the Profile Request Form to obtain your profile, as part of your complementary package to begin your Intelligent Hiring Process.

Contact us now. Phone Ray Jamieson now on 0411 113110 or complete the contact form to begin the benchmarking in your business!


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