It is OK to ask for help

Ask for help

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It is OK to ask for help

“You are never strong enough that you don’t need help.” ― César Chávez

Why is it that so many guys will get lost, rather than stop and ask for directions?

There is probably no answer that will satisfy everyone, but this happens. For some reason, we seem to be programmed to think “I’ll get through this” and we just drive around in ever-widening circles until we hope we find what we are looking for. Maybe.

Of course, if our wives or girlfriends are travelling with us, the conversation in the car can get a little heated. Thankfully, many cars now have GPS devices where we can plug in a destination and ensure we get there. A wonderful relationship saver.

Ask for help

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So where is the GPS for situations where we are feeling lost in our lives, and it’s not somewhere you can find on a map?

Who do you ask for help?

If you are a mechanic, you don’t try to diagnose your own health problems further than an aspirin, you go to a doctor. And the doctor should bring their car to you for an oil change. But what do these people do when life changes? When life throws a curve ball and there is no simple ‘fix-it’ solution, who do you ask for help?

Examples of life change events

Career changes, where you either have to change jobs, are made redundant, the company goes down, or you really can’t stand working there anymore, for whatever reason.

Health challenges. The diagnosis scares you, but you’ll recover. However, you need to make some lifestyle changes. Perhaps fitness, perhaps diet, perhaps attitude.

Family tragedy. Of any kind. Even a health scare for someone else and your own mortality suddenly becomes foremost.

Financial challenges – life isn’t rewarding you the way it was supposed to, and you can’t seem to get out of the financial rut.

Sports people nearing the end of their careers and realising they need a new life direction one day very soon.

Relationship challenges. Your relationship may be stale, or even under threat, or maybe it’s brand new. You know that unless you make some personal changes, there may soon be some major relationship changes to deal with also.

There are so many different types of life change events that can appear with little warning and we can’t be qualified to deal with all of them, as well as be good at our regular career/life path.

Ask for help

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Who do you ask for help, when life changes direction?

There are specialists called Life Change Coaches, who deal with events and times such as this.

Where a sports coach might focus on your goal scoring ability, or your sprint times or whatever your sporting specialty is, it’s a fairly specific focus. And they are brilliant at it. A writing coach and a speech coach are also specialists. As is a Life Change Coach!

A life change coach looks at your life in the big picture and works with you on what needs to change, then works with you on making the specific changes you need to make to create the best outcomes for you.

Objectivity and a wide range of experiences means that your life change coach will be able to see your challenges in a different light, to find the opportunities in the challenges you face. That career challenge could become a great career advancement. That health challenge could become a life-saver and lead you into a new lease of life. Realising your own mortality could become a catalyst for incredible achievements. All this can happen under the guidance and coaching of someone who can see the situation for what it really is, rather than just seeing and feeling the weight of the challenge.

Ask for help

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Life Change 90 is your Life Change Coaching specialist. With over 2 decades of assisting people make powerful life changes, achieving results they never dared dream of (look at these testimonials!) Life Change Coaching could be your way forward too.

Check out this link to the Life Coaching Page, answer a few questions and send them to us. It’s OK to ask for help when your life is changing. It’s what we are here to do!

If you know someone else who needs a helping hand at this point in their lives, tell them about us too, and let them know it’s OK for them to ask for help.

Til next time, fair winds and full sails.

Ray Jamieson
Life Change Coach

“God gave us crying so other folks could see when we needed help, and help us.” ― Joshilyn Jackson, Gods in Alabama

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