Lessons of Life


A powerful and inspirational book of short stories, each with one of the Lessons of Life.  We could all do with investing time in the wonderful little book!


Lessons of Life

Lessons of Life

The Lessons of Life that the world really needs now!

Do you recall a day, a day when it seemed that nothing was as it should be?  You may have thought to yourself:

“If there is a true and just God, then why is this all happening to me?  What have I done to create all this misery?  How can I learn the lesson and move on, as quickly as possible?”

Perhaps in this little book you may find some of your answers.

There is nothing new in the Universe.  All the lessons have already been learned by someone else, most have been recorded somewhere.

Hold your question as you hold this book close to your heart.  Ask for the answer you seek, then let the book fall open in your hands.  On that page, you may just find the answer and guidance you needed.  Take a step back from your situation and allow yourself to see the parallel on the pages before you.  There is nothing new in the Universe, only some things we haven’t experienced yet. 

This book of Short Stories and Poetry, 39 in total, will inspire, enthuse, make you laugh and sometimes bring you to tears as you let them enter your heart, bringing with them the Lessons of Life that everyone should have been given when they entered this life.  We weren’t given the Lessons of Life then, but they are here now, available for you to download, read, study and inwardly digest.  Please pass the lessons from Lessons Of Life on to your family, friends and especially your children.  Heaven knows, we could all use a little help with the Lessons Of Life as we search for meaning from it!

Good luck and best wishes on your quest. 

Download your copy of Lessons Of Life here.


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