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Resources to assist you to Change your Life

Life Change 90 is dedicated to assisting people to change their lives, from what they currently have and are not satisfied with, to what they really want.

There are many steps to making a life change, and many variables.  Depending on the degree of life change, there will be numerous aspects of your life you will need to consider.

Under the RESOURCES tab on the Life Change 90 website, you will find pages of strategies and information pertinent to changing your life.  Regular blogs will relate to these pages and more information will be posted when available, to assist you further.

Life Change Coaching:

For those needing specific support in certain areas, Life Change Coaching is available from qualified coaches, specialising in this critical area.

For those wanting to work at their own pace, we have digital products in PDF format for you to purchase and download, that will focus your attention and energy in the right area to enable the fastest and most effective life change process for you.

Those programs are:

Life Change 90:

A PDF program for you to invest a few minutes morning and evening to firstly prepare yourself for your day, and to congratulate yourself in the evening for your achievements during the day.  It has an inspirational paragraph to read, affirmations, priorities list and goalsetting exercises for the morning, to instil in you the success habits needed to change your life.

In the evening, you check off your achievements with a review of your day, and journal a little on your thoughts and feelings about the day.  You close off the day by checking off your list of daily activities and any habit-forming tasks you have set, for your life change program.  This consolidates your life change and builds amazing discipline and intuition over the course of your program.

Business Profits Program:

More than a business program, the BPP is about finding the passion in your life!  Some life changes are major, and may involve changing jobs or careers, relocation, and even starting a new business.  Regardless of the change, ideally, your change will take you to a life that is based on your passion, something that excites you and inspires you to want to jump out of bed each morning, eager to get back into it.  The BPP is a PDF download that will take you through the processes of finding your passion and building a life around it.

The BPP helps you discover your passion first, then shows you how to build your life around it.  If you already have a business, it can help you put your passion into your business, or reignite your former business passion.

If you don’t have a business but want one, the BPP will show you how to turn your passion into a profitable business, one on which you can build a lifestyle, vastly different to what you have experienced before.


In addition to the programs, regular blogs are published.  Sign up for them and they will be delivered either to your blog reader, or emailed to you.  Sometimes based around or inspired by topical events, always based on sound life change principles, they can be a regular companion for your Life Change Journey.

Contact Us Form:

SHould you have any further questions about how to change your life, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Go to the CONTACT LIFE CHANGE 90 page and use the form to send your request to us.  we will respond as soon as possible.

Til then, fair winds and full sails, from your Life Change 90 Mentors.




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