Testimonials 1 – Linda’s Success Story

Hi, I’m Linda and I am featured in a blog on Life Change 90 – called Success Story, this is the link http://www.lifechange90.com/success-story/.

My life changed a few years ago when I was in my fifties, living in a major regional town, my husband left me for a younger woman, and left me with virtually nothing.  Almost at the same time, the major employer in our town withdrew, leaving thousands of people unemployed, I was one of them. On one of my last days at work, my house was burgled, and I lost the only item of value I still had, my laptop computer. I had already booked to do a training program created by Ray Jamieson and at that time, I had nothing left to lose!

I applied the principles in this training program and within two months, I had bought a house, and was waiting on the second house I made an offer on to settle. Within 12 months, I was engaged to a wonderful man to whom I have now been happily married for years. We now live an amazing life; we own property and have 4 dogs that we love to walk.

It’s all because I enrolled for this amazing training program. It changed my life!

Testimonials 2 – Michael Bourke

I would recommend it highly.  You will find that what you take away may not be what you came looking for.  Chances are, it will be a whole lot more!

Testimonials 3 – Justin Phillips

My perception of reality is changing!  This is great.  Go and do this program: it WILL change your life.  I wish a lot more people would do it, as it would make for a happier world.  Thank you Ray, you made my year!!

Testimonials 4 – Julian Parsons

Do it!  It has something for everyone and just the activities and commitment each day will encourage/force you to learn and explore!

Testimonials 5 – Russell McDowall

DO IT!  It IS Life Changing!

Testimonials 6 – Lachlan Daw

Your life WILL change for the better.  Pursue this program with all of your being and the results can be more than you dreamed of.  As my attitude changed, so did my goals.  Career was less important, contentment was my “real” goal.  I have become more content within myself and less hasty to judge myself on “outside” criteria.  I developed the ability to pursue goals more effectively with my paradigm shift – my new belief systems are priceless.

Testimonials 7 – Mark Thomas:

As far as a bloke who has done it all and more Ray offers a vast array of business intelligence that you would be hard pressed to find a better and or more knowledgeable Gent.

Ray offers & teaches skills that will set you up to march to a win along many different paths in life – be them personal, financial, spiritual, and more.

You will never see Ray quit on a matter – when he “stresses” it’s like a Swan paddling on a sunny day .. With Ray, when one door is shutting or shut another will open he assures – stay calm and keep your vision and the next door will open as it has for myself and even for him.

If you are looking for a solid, well-educated, experienced & a neutral minded consultant or a mentor ( if you will & wish ) to offer solid advise, guidance, push, promote and stand by you …RAY IS YOUR MAN!

Ray will NOT tell you what you want to hear – yet WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR – and this is a breath of fresh air this day and age of consultants who are too scared to call it what it really is for fear of offending or hurting you. With Ray, its respectful in delivery and its WHITE or BLACK – as for Grey, it’s not in his vocabulary!

Mark Thomas – Seminar and Coaching Client


What will your testimonials say?

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