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If you are at a point in your life where you expected more  of yourself than you have yet achieved, you are in the right place, here on this screen, reading this page.  Your solution is here, at Life Change 90!

#Life Change

Time for a Life Change?

There are times throughout every person’s life when they realise they are falling short of where they really wanted to be at that time of life.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that life is bad, hard or even not good.  It’s just not where they wanted or expected to be at that time.

The question is: what can you do about it?

Who do you need to be, and what sort of environment do you need to create around you, to attract and have what you want and desire in your life?

These are age-old questions, asked probably since soon after language first began and people began to think and wonder about themselves and life in general.

My Clients’ Journey:

You are already searching. You attend seminars, webinars and online classes, read books and talk to people, always looking for something but unsure what it is. Something in your life has changed, but you may, or may not be aware of what it is.

It might have been a traumatic life event, relationship, job or financial upset, or it may have been the crystallisation of some internal feeling or desire. But suddenly, life no longer has the meaning and purpose for you that it once had.

You find yourself thinking or saying “I expected more out of life than this, by now!”

You sometimes begin to doubt yourself, wonder if you can make the changes to what you desire when you feel so lost…

Then you discover Executive Mastermind Coaching and all our resources.

The very first thing I can tell you is this:

Because you have decided to or have had to make massive changes in your life, does not negate the value of who you are or what you have already learned.

Your experiences are valuable and are the foundation of who you can become!

The most important message for you:

The second and most important thing I can tell you is that I help businesses and people just like you, wanting or needing to change, reinvent or rediscover themselves, to find their life’s passion, then channel it into the new life they desire, to achieve the satisfaction, success and results they demand.

How do I do this?

Your journey with me begins with the Business Passion Program, where we discover your passion in life – whether you are in business or not, or want to create a business or a life of passion.

I help you discover your passion in life.

Then, through the Life Change 90 program over the next 6 – 12 months of coaching, we establish and instil the success strategies and habits you need in your life, to turn your passion into your life and lifestyle.

The regular coaching sessions plus the daily discipline and learnings of the life change program create the platform for your success, for the person you have chosen to develop into.

I will challenge you with more than your regular success strategies and habits. I’ll challenge your thinking to look deeply at your attitudes towards life, your enthusiasm about your life and the goals you have set. We will look at what you have already achieved, what worked and what didn’t work for you. We’ll look at your values, your aspirations and your ultimate life and how much value you place on it, as well as your belief in whether it is possible.

If your goals are not challenging you, I’ll prompt you to re-evaluate them and aim higher. If you are already aiming for the stars, I’ll make sure you have the resources and strategies you need to reach them.

Together we will make this journey, to your success!

Life challenges – life changes:

If you are in a career or a role in life that defines you in a way you are not completely happy with, how can you find your independence and be seen and identified as the person you truly wish to be?

If you are living in a location, environment or within a community that does not fulfil or inspire you, how can you change that so that either your transform your community and environment, or create the community or environment that you really need to live in?

If you have worked hard for some years, and expected certain rewards by now and find you still don’t have them, what are you doing that will have to change, in order for you to change the results you are getting?

If the relationships in your life are draining you instead of fulfilling you, how can you change and empower yourself so that they either do fulfil you without being an energetic drain, or you are empowered to change your relationships and the people you are in relationship with, to feel fulfilled and satisfied by them?

This is not about being selfish or greedy; it’s about creating a fulfilling and rewarding life, empowering you to be a source of empowerment, love, fun and fulfilment to those who are close and special to you also.  It’s about how to get the answer to those prayers you have been saying, the goals you have been setting, over and over again, and wondering what to do to make them come true.

The way to create change in your life is to start close to home, within you, looking at what you do personally that perhaps may no longer serve you.  That could be simple things like little habits such as smoking that both cost money and impact on your health and vitality.  It could be little things like the communication strategies that mess up rather than build relationships, habits you may not even know you had.  It could be spending habits you don’t realise you have that mean by the time your next salary arrives in your bank, there’s nothing left of the last one – no savings left, just bills to pay!  It could be a health challenge you need motivation and enthusiasm to work on, but are simply too tired and worn down to feel like trying any more.

There are so many reasons and ways that people get beaten down by life until one day, they realise they are just floating in the current of humanity around them, not making a difference, not making waves or a noise about it, just too darn worn down to try any harder.

What can you do about a Life Change from here?

It’s simple, but not always easy.

There are really only a few fundamental actions a person can take that will change their life. However, every action is an act of taking responsibility.

You may choose to make personal changes in your life, your friends, your environment, your self-discipline and those things that no-one else knows about, the parts of your life that exist only within you. This is the path of personal growth and development and it can lead you anywhere and everywhere. Ultimately, it is a path you will take, even after you try the other options we will discuss below, if those are your first choices.

If you are employed, and not happy in your job, career or workplace, you may choose one of a couple of directions. Firstly, you may choose another job, workplace or employer, to completely change your work environment. You still come to work, but perhaps not for the same employer, company or with the same people. You totally change your work environment. That is a massive energy shift and can propel you into a whole new sphere of feelings, emotions and physical life changes, and is often a great springboard and impetus to begin a personal growth and development journey.

The other option you have is to become your own boss and completely take control of your life. Rather than being beholden to a company or a boss, become the boss and decide where you desire your life to take you and what you want from it.

If this is you and you really want to begin your own business, the first step you need to take is to download the FREE ENTREPRENEURS QUIZ to find out if this is the best course for you, and if so, how you should approach it, on your own or with a team or partner.

Once you establish that, head to the BUSINESS section of this website, study the materials available and download the BUSINESS PROFITS PROGRAM. This program will take you from the creation of your business from the concept you had, and even help you with ideas for a new business if you don’t have one in mind yet! From there, it takes you all the way through your business planning, right to start-up – the total business planning and profits package.

However, whether your desire is to work on your personal growth, or to turn your world over and start afresh in a new job, career or business, the principle is the same for each.

That principle is to start small, and start close to home, working on the one or two fundamental things that can make the most difference. It’s not always about major upheavals in your life, it’s about gentle corrections to gradually turn your life around and usually, within two or three months, you can achieve so much more than you believed possible.

There is a program that has been designed to assist people just like you, who want and need some change in their lives, who don’t want to create major upheavals in their job, family or relationships but need more personal satisfaction, better cashflow and more available funding to live with, and better relationships with those special people close to them.

That program is Life Change 90; you can find out all about it by clicking HERE NOW!

Life Change 90 is about empowering YOU, to enable you to receive from life what you need your life to provide for you, so you can be the best person you possibly can be.

Life Change 90 is a low-cost, 3 month program that will give you the life change you desire, and enable you to achieve pretty much any goal you set, with what you learn and the processes you will put in place.  Plug your life into #Life Change 90 and allow it to guide and train your thinking patterns, habits, planning, emotions and all your goalsetting and dreaming activities.

#Life Change

A Steady Path to Success!

Once you download the Life Change 90 program, read the introduction explaining the program and precisely what to do to make it work for you.  You will never have seen some of it before, as it is the only program with these particular copyrighted tools in it.  Tools that were developed in the early 1990’s, tested and proven effective.  Now, it is in a downloadable format that you can take with you, to absorb in a few minutes a day, while you have your life change!

Allow 10 minutes first thing in your morning and 15 minutes in the evening to complete your daily activities.  That’s your Life Change time commitment; most people easily find those few minutes a day, most days.  They reduce with practice and familiarity.

Through the day, the items you set up in the morning will happen and be recorded in the evening program.  It’s a simple matter of habits, awareness and ever-increasing discipline for your mind and spirit, training your activities to be those that successful people use.  The tutorial page you read morning and night teaches something new each day, and over the three months builds to a powerful personal growth program.

For more detailed information on the contents and processes of this life change program, click on the Life Change 90 Logo below!

To experience the power of Life Change 90, click HERE NOW!


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