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Life Change 90 is the Life Change Program you need to make the changes you desire, in the next 90 days. 

Life Change 90 was developed as a paper based #life change program to be completed morning and evening.  It proved incredibly successful and over a decade, was used by hundreds of people from the Executive Mastermind Program.  It is now in digital format, ready for your PC, laptop, or tablet computer, to take with you wherever you go, to change your life in just a few minutes a day, morning and evening.

A daily Life Change program that gives you:

  • A morning kick start into your day
  • Goalsetting action step prompts each morning
  • Gratitude Journal
  • A positive affirmation to begin your day
  • A tutorial page of life wisdom and strategies on one aspect of self development and empowerment every day
  • A problem solving program
  • A Cashflow management program
  • A mental conditioning program, teaching you awareness and observation skills – built in to the life change program
  • Lessons from today – checking in on the most powerful lesson each day brings you
  • A mood chart, mapping your emotional states through the day and month
  • A daily activity chart, recording your action steps towards the goals that can change your life
  • Daily achievement record, capturing your highlights of the day
  • A monthly life snapshot, checking on progress, giving you the opportunity to make changes as you see fit
  • A journal section, recording your comments and feelings about your day, your life and lessons learned in your Life Change program

What does this Life Change Program mean for you?

What does Life Change 90 mean for you in the morning?

Life Change 90 gives you a positive boost to your mornings, launching you into your day with enthusiasm for the opportunities you know are out there.  You have read a page of motivational inspiration, refreshed your goals list for the day, checked your TO DO list and you are on your way, with direction, focus and purpose, enthusiastic to make a difference today!  Your Life Change Program gets you off to a flying start!

What does Life Change 90 mean for you, during the day?

Your Life Change Program cultivates awareness in your day, making you more observant to what is happening around you.  Very soon, you begin to notice more of the communication nuances of people you speak with, their body language, the inflections in their voice and how much of what they say, they really mean.  Your fresh observations and increased awareness greatly enhances your communication skills and outcomes.

Your mood shifts and attitude to events and situations becomes more obvious to you.  Rather than just finding that something upsets you when you noticed you already feel upset, you begin to notice in advance, when the situation begins.  This gives you the choice of how you want to feel about it, before it happens subconsciously.  Imagine being able to choose empowerment when someone tries to dominate your conversation – it totally negates their attempts to bully you and gives you the upper hand and control over your reactions and the situation!

You gain control over the little things in life too, such as how much money you spend. Rather than casually paying for lunch without considering the money you spent, you become immediately aware of the dollars you just gave away.  Not that you want to skip lunch because of the cost, but your awareness reflects in your choices in every area of your finances.  You’ll find you soon know and remember exactly how much cash you carry, what your account balances are and this will reflect in your better financial choices and ultimately, your increased bank account balances.

You will find you notice your learning experiences more, as they happen.  Rather than just accepting what has happened in a particular situation, you’ll find you look for the lesson or principle behind it.  You will store it and have it as an experience you can call on in the future, rather than fall into the same situation again.  Your experiences become enhanced life coaching lessons and your wisdom is greatly increased.  Your problem solving is enhanced, in exactly the same way!

What does Life Change 90 mean for you in the evening?

This is a time for reflection on your day, and celebration of your successes and achievements!

The goals you set for today, early this morning, are now reviewed and your successes recorded.  Success deserves celebration and especially so if your goals are shared with a partner or spouse!  You also reflect on your lessons from the day and realise how much you learnt, to add to your store of wisdom.  You reflect on your mood and attitude shifts during the day.  Soon you begin to notice your mood shifts before they happen and you gain control over them.  You choose the mindset you want, and can prepare yourself for any situation, in advance.  Just like a boxer prepares mentally before stepping into a boxing ring, and a speaker prepares mentally before going on stage, so you can prepare for whatever situation you are about to experience.  Whether it is a speaking engagement, playing with the children, or turning the lights down to enjoy an evening with your partner, you put yourself in control, and are ready for it!

As you make notes in your journal, you will reflect on the increased amount of control you are gaining over your life, through your increased powers of observation and awareness.  You’ll note that you ‘saw things coming’ before they happened and were able to act to set yourself up for them in the best way possible.  You connected with people better through your increased communication skills.  You noticed things happening around you more and life has become more interesting.

You’ll soon realise that your life has transformed from a black and white sketch into a full colour, high definition movie – not because it changed, but because your awareness and observation skills changed.  You notice so much more of this incredible life you are having; this experience of being alive is now fully available to you, in rich, vibrant colours and high fidelity sound!

The true potential of Life Change 90

We don’t know the processing capacity, for want of better terminology, of the human mind. However, by using the techniques of this program, you are accessing vastly more of your mind than does the average person. Extra-ordinary is just that little bit extra. You will have it by working through these exercises and truly committing to the ninety days of the program, by setting alarm clocks for your subconscious mind to attend to for you.

How far do you really want to take this? It is there, for the taking!

What are you waiting for?

To be part of this life changing program, DOWNLOAD LIFE CHANGE 90 HERE NOW!

Hundreds of people who have used this program in the paper base format have achieved incredible successes, such as Linda, whose success story is in this blog – this could be your success story too!  Start your Life Change Program NOW!


This program is waiting to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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  1. Admin

    Hi, I’m Linda and I am featured in a blog on Life Change 90 – called Success Story, this is the link

    My life changed a few years ago when I was in my fifties, living in a regional town, and my husband left me for a younger woman, and left me with virtually nothing. Almost at the same time, the major employer in our town withdrew, leaving thousands of people unemployed, I was one of them. On one of my last days at work, my house was burgled, and I lost the only item of value I still had, my laptop computer. I had already booked to do a training program created by Ray Jamieson and at that time, I had nothing left to lose!

    I applied the principles in this training program and within two months, I had bought a house, and was waiting on the second house I made an offer on to settle. Within 12 months, I was engaged to a wonderful man to whom I have now been happily married for years. We now live an amazing life; we own property and have 4 dogs that we love to walk.

    It’s all because I enrolled for this amazing training program. It changed my life!

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