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1 – Life Change 90 – digital download

Life Change 90 is the program you need to make the changes you desire, in the next 90 days. 

Life Change 90 was developed as a paper based program to be completed morning and evening.  It proved incredibly successful and over a decade, was used by hundreds of people from the Executive Mastermind Program.  It is now in digital format, ready for your PC, laptop, or tablet computer, Personal Development Products to take with you wherever you go, to change your life in just a few minutes a day, morning and evening.

A daily program of Personal Development Products that gives you:

  • A morning kick-start into your day
  • Goalsetting action step prompts each morning
  • Gratitude Journal
  • A positive affirmation to begin your day
  • A tutorial page of life wisdom and strategies on one aspect of self development and empowerment every day
  • A problem solving program
  • A Cashflow management program
  • A mental conditioning program, teaching you awareness and observation skills – built in to the program
  • Lessons from today – checking in on the most powerful lesson each day brings you
  • A mood chart, mapping your emotional states through the day and month
  • A daily activity chart, recording your action steps towards the goals that can change your life
  • Daily achievement record, capturing your highlights of the day
  • A monthly life snapshot, checking on progress, giving you the opportunity to make changes as you see fit
  • A journal section, recording your comments and feelings about your day, your life and lessons learned

To be part of this life changing program, DOWNLOAD LIFE CHANGE 90 HERE NOW!

Hundreds of people who have used this program of Personal Development Products have achieved incredible successes, such as Linda, whose success story is in this blog – this could be your success story too!


This program is waiting to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!




The Business profits Program has two main functions, based around one premise – that you should live a LIFE OF PASSION!

The first part of the Business Profits Program is about discovering your passion, and showing you how and where to find it, then live it, in your life now!

Everyone deserves to live a life of passion, to be excited about waking each day to begin the adventure anew.  That is what a life of passion is about.  When you combine this rediscovered life of passion with the daily Life Change 90 program, you can make living a passionate life a way of life, a way of living your dream!

The second part of the Business Profits Program is about enabling you to turn your passion into profit, in your own business, if you choose to!  It may be that you once had a passion and began a business which is now stale.  The Business Profits Program will help you reignite your passion and rejuvenate your business and business profits!

The Business Profits Program for Business Planning

The Business Profits Program is a complete business planning and support program, designed to work with you to either:

  • create a profitable business idea using your knowledge and skills and applying them to what you enjoy doing, or
  • take your current business and tailor it to your unique abilities and reinvigorate it, to maximize profits and performance.

From there, step by step, the Business Profits Program guides you through:

  • the complete process of exploring the full scope and potential of the business,
  • ensuring your business will satisfy all YOUR needs from the business, including having fun while making money
  • refining your business to capture all the market potential and the business opportunities allied to it
  • market research, to ensure you attract the right people with money to spend with you
  • calculate start-up or new direction costs
  • calculate operating costs and budgets
  • calculate marketing costs
  • exploring the skills needed and available within your business model
  • developing your action plan to progress the business into profit
  • developing your SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • exploring, locating and developing profitable business partnerships for all or part of your business, as required
  • intellectual property security and protecting your trade secrets
  • business structures to suit your business model including the legal and taxation considerations
  • your final business plan

When you have completed this program, you will have almost everything you need to compile a full business plan, the blueprint and operating manual for your business, for now and into the future.



3 – Life Change Coaching 6 month program


4 – Life Change Coaching 3 month program


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