Life Change 90.

It’s not just a name.

It’s a promise that if you complete this program, your life will change, over the next 90 days.

Life doesn’t always go the way we dreamed it would when we were in high school!

Life Change 90 grew out of the need for a genuine personal development program for people wanting to make a life change.  So many times we have heard from people, at all ages and stages of life:

“I expected more out of life than this, by now.”

More is available from your life, more success, more fun, more satisfaction and fulfilment, but it hasn’t been easy to find, or available at a low-cost, within reach of the people needing it most.  Often, at times of crisis or crux, direction is uncertain and smart people don’t throw thousands of dollars around, looking for the answers to questions they are unsure about.

However, they are committed and will invest time and just a little money, to look for the answers they need.

Life Change 90 evolved from some of the modules of the amazing program “Executive Mastermind“.   The limitation of this workshop program was that it only took 100 participants each year for their life changing experience and it was only in one location on the planet, on the Gold Coast in Australia.  The rest of the world missed out, except for those few people committed enough to travel around the world at great expense for it.  That content has been made available to Life Change 90 so that the work begun by Executive Mastermind can continue.

Life Change 90 is available at a tiny fraction of the cost of the live workshop program, and is available on your computer screen, in your own home, in just fifteen minutes a day!

Who do you need to be, and what sort of environment do you need to create around you, to attract and have what you want and desire in your life?  Life Change 90 can help you decide that.

Life Change 90 Not just a name.  It’s a promise that if you complete this program, your life will be changed over those 90 days!

To start your Life Change 90 program and turn your life around from today, start here:

#Life Change 90

Permanent, positive change in the next 90 days!






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