Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

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If you are at a point in your life where you expected more #financial freedom than you have yet achieved, you are in the right place, here on this screen, reading this page, right now.  Your solution is here!  Financial Freedom CAN be yours, sooner than you think!

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.”  Suze Orman

What is financial freedom?  What does financial freedom mean?  #Financial Freedom

When you look around you, look at your life, what you have achieved and you can say “I feel lucky!  I have enough!” you have it.  When you can step back and feel confidently that your life continues, automatically paying your bills and allowing you to enjoy life, you are there.  Then you can say that you have financial freedom.  It will be different for everyone, but until YOU feel this way, you don’t yet have it!

What Financial Freedom IS NOT!

Financial Freedom is not sitting in front of a computer screen, monitoring and watching your investments like a hawk, terrified that the markets will fall and leave you penniless.  Financial Freedom is not ruling an empire, worried about whether the staff will screw you as soon as you turn your back.  Financial Freedom is not being worried that the board will throw you out if you look away for a moment.  Financial Freedom is not worrying that if the business takes a dip, the markets change, or the government changes policies, that you won’t have enough to pay the bills, mortgage, or whatever.

Financial Freedom is what you have when your financial life is set on autopilot, paying any bills you have automatically and leaving plenty left over for you to live and enjoy life, no matter what life throws at you.  It is the freedom to be totally you, a family person, a single person, whatever you choose to be, without being worried about the money and financial issues that plague most people.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a million dollars in cash at hand.  It does mean you have enough cash at hand for the lifestyle you choose to live, and that will be different for everyone.  If you choose to live at Monaco like James Bond, then financial freedom will be very different to another person who chooses to live financially free on a small farm, growing their own organic veggies and chickens.  Financial Freedom is choices, without limits!

How can I have Financial Freedom?

Surprisingly, it’s not hard to gain Financial Freedom.  There are some fundamental rules to follow, just as you will find with most disciplines, and they are easily learned.  They include finding something for which you have a genuine interest in, perhaps even a passion for, to create money and wealth from.  Learning your craft, the area of interest you will use to create money; you need to be an expert in it.  Creating a team around you, to advise and assist you with your wealth creation and consolidation.  Learning how to leverage your wealth creation so you don’t need to be hands on, all the time, just monitor from wherever you are.  Having the right mindset to be wealthy and keeping your wealth once created.  Having a great goalsetting plan and strategy for wealth creation.  Having the right success habits to stay wealthy.

The best way to achieve the results YOU want is through a structured program that systematically:  #Financial Freedom

  • creates awareness of your issues and limitations
  • teaches you how to correct or improve them
  • Eliminates limiting fears, phobias and beliefs
  • teaches you to set appropriate goals in all areas of your life and then how to achieve them
  • consolidates your new awareness and better habits into unconscious success behaviours
  • ensures your financial situation supports your new goals
  • and gives you the tools to maintain the success you achieve for life.

Life Change 90 is such a program.  It is a powerful, 90 day program with minutes of morning and evening activities that firstly set up your day with awareness of and habits for success, then reviews and consolidates your successes each evening.

Over three months you achieve heightened awareness of any issues and limitations facing you and standing in your way of achieving your goals.  You learn strategies, solutions and antidotes to those issues, and replace them with habits of success that become part of your subconscious programming.  This programming automatically sets you up for success.  Being embedded subconsciously as success habits gives you a lifelong program of continued consolidation of your successes.

For more information in the value of systems in changing your life around, this blog post could help.

How much does it cost?

Depending on your currency, it could be as little as the cost of a coffee a week and it is probable that within a fortnight, your new habits will have saved you more than the total cost of the 90 day program, and that money will be in your bank account or wallet!

To learn more about Life Change 90 and how to integrate this program into your life, click the logo below.

To enrol in this program, click here now!


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