Life Change 90 Mentors

Life Change 90 Mentors

Your Life Change 90 mentors and the authors of this website, Ray and Susan Jamieson, live and work together in Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.  They have their own stories to tell, just like everyone else.  Here they are:

Life Change 90 Mentors

Your Mentors, Susan and Ray


Susan, the first of the Life Change 90 mentors, is originally from England, coming to Australia as a senior school student.   She graduated and went almost directly into her most satisfying career period, the Qld Police Force. She feels she contributed greatly to the lives of many and was able to do much good for many, many people.  She married and retired reluctantly from the Police Force to start her family.  After the children began school, Susan returned to work in government and semi government roles around Brisbane, as well as positions in banking and finance.

She has also worked with a number of the top psychics in Australia, travelling with them around Australia on consulting jobs and on their show circuits.  This put her in touch with many more of the leading psychics in Australia, some of whom she now calls friends.  Susan has a Degree in Metaphysics and many other qualifications in the spiritual and alternative therapies field.

Susan established her own spiritual healing practice in more recent years, Pyramid of Elysium, offering spiritual readings and healings through various modalities.

A car accident and the resulting longer term health effects have given Susan incredible insights into chronic illness and pain management. This experience has contributed greatly to the design of the Life Change 90 program.

Susan is an accomplished blogger through the Owls and Orchids blog.  She contributes to a number of other discussions on a variety of topics, including spirituality and personal growth.  She has recently qualified as a Forensic Healer with a Diploma in Forensic Healing and works with clients both in person and over Skype, on healings for physicial, emotional, mental and spiritual outcomes.


Ray is the second of the Life Change 90 mentors. He was born into a farming and grazing family working with sheep, cattle and crops, in Southern NSW, Australia.  He left the family farm and moved to Queensland where he bought his own grazing property in the early 1980s, raising cattle and operating an earth moving and construction business from the farm.  He constructed numerous farm sheds and houses and built many dams throughout the South East Queensland region, some of which are large enough to see from the space station!

In the late 1980s, he left the farm and after further intensive business education, became a private business consultant. His focus was advising people and businesses that had been devastated by the 1987 share market crash.  He worked in corporate rescue, getting people back from the brink of bankruptcy.  This work evolved into corporate training and seminars, and eventually, the Executive Mastamind Program, which ran from the year 2000 and changed the lives of hundreds of people.

After a brief hiatus in 2007, Ray added financial planning qualifications to his toolkit, to expand his consulting and training services even further, and the new Executive Mastermind Program was revealed.

Ray retired from Financial Planning as a profession in 2014 to focus on the Life Change 90 program. Once completed, the challenge was to rebuild the life and business coaching program, including business consulting and the keynote speaking engagements once more.

Coming in to 2016, the focus is on business and life change coaching for clients both local – face to face coaching, and nationally and internationally via Skype.  These clients receive the Life Change 90 program, the Business passion Program and a choice of coaching options relevant to their circumstances and requirements.

Please enjoy browsing the site, and consider the Life Change 90 program and coaching options. If you need a change in your life and this suits your needs, we will be delighted to work with you!

Fair winds and full sails,

Susan and Ray


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