What is Life Change 90

What is Life Change 90?

Life Change 90 is a 3 month program of daily activities designed to change and instil success habits and awareness into your daily life.  In doing so, it increases your awareness of your emotions and mood shifts, thought processes, observations on life and lessons of the day, spending habits, goals and your activities towards achieving them, and enables you to forward plan for success, for whatever your goals and desires are.

Life Change 90 puts a realistic plan around your dreams and desires, and puts you on the right track for achieving them!Success habits

What are Success Habits?

Success Habits are ‘programs’ your mind runs that automatically, habitually influence you to take the action which is most likely to give you a successful, positive outcome, in whatever you are doing, or whatever situation you find yourself in.

How does it work?

Awareness is the key.  Unless you know you have a problem, you can’t solve it.  If you realise that something you do unconsciously every day is sabotaging your efforts and dreams, you can decide to change it for the better.  If you never find out about it, you only have the frustration, never the success.

Awareness areas targeted are:

  • Emotions and mood shifts, setting your mental state
  • Finance and spending habits
  • Gratitude, for all those aspects of life so many of us take for granted
  • Lessons from events and incidents of each day
  • Clarity on your primary goal and consciously making it a priority
  • A conscious framework around daily planning and goals achievement steps
  • A problem solving strategy for issues that won’t resolve or go away.

Morning activities:

Setting up your day; placing awareness in your mind of:

  • Your daily priority activities
  • Your primary goal and today’s planned goal achieving activity
  • Your gratitude list
  • Today’s affirmation, to set the intent for your day

Evening Activities:

Reviewing your day and consolidating successes, by:

  • Checking off progress on priorities and goals activities
  • Checking off financial activity
  • Picking out a lesson and a major achievement from the day
  • A journal section
  • Recording your daily moods and activities on a visual chart, showing a month at a glance your activity in all areas of your life.

Daily tutorial contents:

Each day has a tutorial topic, never more than a page or around 500 words to read, study and digest throughout the day.  The topics are relevant, educating you on aspects of the program such as the mood and emotional program works, what it does, how and why.  There are also pages on:

  • Goalsetting
  • Financial Success Habits
  • The value of finding a lesson and major achievement from each day
  • How to write and use affirmations
  • Curing phobias and limiting fears
  • The workings of your subconscious mind and how to consciously recruit its hidden resources
  • The importance of gratitude
  • The value of meditation and how to do it
  • Resilience
  • Problem solving
  • Relationships and communication strategies and solutions
  • Changing a bad habit to a success habit
  • Health fitness and stress management
  • Dealing with chronic illness and the unique challenges it presents for goalsetting
  • Forward planning your life
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Further education
  • Image and personal presentation
  • Leaving a legacy

There is so much more, and each month builds on the previous month’s lessons and successes, turning them into success habits.  The tutorial pages are from the powerful, tried and tested program modules of the Executive Mastermind Program.  The strategies have been redeveloped to work in an online self-paced program to deliver the same results, but in only 15 minutes morning and night.

What is the outcome of 3 months of working with Life Change 90?

With this daily mental training into habits of success, after three months, you will have:

  • An ability to choose your mood and mental state consciously, in advance of when you need it
  • Automatic awareness of your financial situation at that moment.  No more unconscious spending and if your finances were out of control, by now they will be in order
  • Opportunities and the ability for increasing your income or cashflow through better financial management and automated income streams
  • The ability to cure any limiting fear or phobia, without assistance from anyone else, and without ever seeing a snake, spider or aeroplane!
  • Goal achieving success habits and the results to prove it
  • Better relationships, and people noticing that you are a better and more attentive listener
  • A forward plan for your future and the strategies in place to realise it
  • A health and fitness plan for your life and the ability and resources to stay with it
  • A daily personal routine that provides opportunities for peace and harmony
  • A feeling of confidence that you have the resources and strategies to deal with whatever life can throw at you.

What else would you like?  Make it a goal, and through Life Change 90, you can have it too!

The program cost is $69.95 US, less than one dollar per day, to change your life!  If you pay by credit card, it is likely that before the bill comes back to you, already you will have saved that much money by fine-tuning your financial success habits, which we teach you in the program!

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